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Retail Investigative Services

The retail industry is losing substantial amount of money on external and internal theft. The solution to this problem is to employ experienced investigator who are very knowledgeable in the art surveillance and also with retail environment. We are dedicated in providing loss prevention services that fit the needs of our clients in order to successfully tackle your unique needs. We offer the traditional method of loss prevention by sending well experienced plainclothes investigators to walk the store floor. Our company is also committee to developing many innovative methods, such as CCTV instillation and monitoring that will ensure results that may not be possible with traditional method. In order to implement these innovative methods, we use up-to-date technology available for this industry. Whether you are a big retail chain or a small retail company and you are in need of loss prevention services, we had the solution. We will create a plan that will meet both your budgets as well as your expectations.

Our investigators receive extensive training and work experience in various types of retail environments. Whether your business involves giftware, shoes, groceries, hardware, electronics, clothing or a combination of all, our investigators have the skills to serve you.

We have built our reputation for handling the diverse needs of our clients with cost effective methods. We approach retail investigative matters with the determination to satisfy our clientele needs and act intensely to solve all investigations. Our cases have a higher success-rate due to our investigators' unique method of approach. Our investigators receive up-to-date training frequently in order to rise above our competitors. This gives our investigators the edge to present our clients with results that cannot be obtained with many other companies.

Our Investigators consistently obtain results and are highly cost effective. We have investigators able to respond 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Investigative Services Pertaining to Retail Industry

External Theft Investigation
Internal Theft Investigation
Mystery shopping
Covert Camera Installations
Employee Training
Workman's Compensation Fraud Claims
Workplace Harassment
Employee Screening and Vetting

The Retail Investigator and Training
Special Investigation Services Inc.' Retail Investigation Team are been selected for their past experience. Each recruited investigator must undergo two types of training, regardless of their past experience. The first training will be an in-class session whereas the second past will consist of on-the-job training. As new techniques and strategies are developed throughout their career with Special Investigation Services Inc., each member is re-trained with the new concepts to improve their skills. Some of the training topics are listed below. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Internal and External Theft
Detecting Internal Theft and Fraud
Type of Shoplifters
Shoplifting: Methods, Behaviors, and Prevention
Things to Look For
Investigator Legal Authority and Power of Arrest
Arrest Procedure
Rules of Evidence
Court Appearance and Procedure
Report Writing

Legal Investigative Services

Our objective at Special Investigation Services Inc. is to support legal clients in their effort to bring civil and criminal case to a successful resolution for their own clients. We cover all aspects of investigative services pertaining to the legal industry. As a result of valuable experience in this industry, we understand that investigators, especially those serving the legal community, need to have acquired the ability to conduct fast and efficient surveillance and back ground checks. Some case may involve undercover work that may be dangerous and thus can be only conducted by well experienced professional investigators.

Special Investigation Services Inc. has employed individuals who have previous experience in litigation or are previous law enforcement officers. When our legal clients request services, they can count on us to send professional individuals to aid them in special cases. When we send our investigators to work, we are confident that our clients will be more than satisfied with the professional service they are trained to provide.

Investigative Services Offered to Legal Community:

Civil Case Management, Support and Preparation
Criminal Case Management, Support and Preparation
Locating Witness
Witness Interviews
Information Verification
Background Information
Undercover Operation



Insurance Investigative Services

The insurance industry is experiencing a great loss due to false claims. Professional insurance fraud investigation is the key to limiting the exposure of fraudulent insurance claims. Special Investigation Services Inc. covers all aspects of insurance fraud investigation.

We provide our investigators with audio, video and photography equipments that are specifically suited and designed for conducting surveillance. Please contact us for further information about our surveillance equipments. Our investigators are not only trained to conduct long and discreet surveillance but they are also well trained to use different tactics to reveal fraudulent activities of suspected individuals.

Surveillance Investigators
Special Investigation Services Inc.' Surveillance Investigation Team has been selected for their expertise and past experience. The members are trained in:

Mobile Surveillance
Static Surveillance
Sub Rosa Surveillance
Deep Cover Surveillance
Foot Surveillance


Research Activities
Inquiries and Interviewing Techniques
Claimant Profiles
Court Presentation
Detection of Fraudulent Claims
Up to Date Technology


Our investigators have numerous years of experience in this type of investigations and therefore, they will handle your case with care and in a professional manner. The investigation will be thorough with video and photography evidence in order to avoid any misleading information.

Investigative Services Offered to Insurance Industry

Worker's Compensation Fraud Claims
Personal Injury Claim

Background Investigation

Undercover Operation

Long Term Disability

Property Damage
White Collar Crime

Activity Checks

Claimant Interviews
Database Searches



Domestic Investigative

Do you suspect your spouse of doing something they shouldn't?
Are you in search of evidence to help you in a child custody battle?
Do you suspect you babysitter of abuse your child?

At Special Investigation Services Inc., we understand that marital investigations are serious and sensitive matters. Hiring an investigator may be very difficult but we are dedicated in assuring our clients the utmost confidential and thorough service that wills you peace of mind.

If you feel your spouse is being unfaithful to you, call us; we can conduct surveillance that will provide you with factual and accurate evidence of adultery or on the other hand, we may be able clear up any misconceptions you may have as to your spouse's fidelity.

An investigation such as this involves long hours of surveillance, numerous contacts, great deal of paperwork and the collection of evidence. Let our knowledgeable staff work with you to get all the necessary information and put a stop to your trouble.

Child Custody and Visitation
Child Custody negotiations are usually the most important and painful issue in most divorce cases. The standard that the court uses to determining which spouse will have custody of the child is based on the best interest of the child. If you have any reason to believe that it is not in the best interest of your child to be in the custody of your spouse or visit your spouse, you should contact us. We believe that this is a very serious issue and will provide factual evidence to help you gain custody of your child.

Nanny / Babysitter / Daycare Watch
When you place your children under the care of another individual, you want the best possible care. Unfortunately, some caregivers cause emotional and physical abuse to the children the care for. This type of behaviour should be stopped. If you suspect harm is being done to your child or anyone you know, we will be glad to help by providing hidden cameras, visual surveillance and undercover investigators who provide you with a detailed report of your child's care at your home under nanny supervision or at a daycare facility.

Other Investigative Services Pertaining to Domestic:

Spousal Activity Check
Teenage Activity Check - alcohol and Drug Abuse

Internet Dating

Background Research - Nannies / Baby Sitters - Housekeepers - Others


Other Services, as needed


Corporate & Industrial Investigative Services

Special Investigation Services Inc. provides the information to assist clients in avoiding risk and making better business decisions by providing information crucial to the decision making process.

More and more companies are beginning to understand that greed has unfortunately replaced loyalty. Employees are engaged in selling work property as well as information to other outside parties and competitors for personal gain. The result is loss is revenue and on the extreme side, loss of business.

Investigative Services Pertaining to Corporate & Industrial :

Corporate Intelligence

Undercover Operation

Workman's Compensation Fraud Claims
Internal Theft and Fraud

External Theft and Fraud

Unlawful Labor Practices
Executive Background Checks

White Collar Crime

Employee Activity Check
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Sexual Harassment
Pre-Employment Investigation


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